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Welcome to Our New Blog!!!

Welcome to Our New Blog!!!

Welcome! And thanks for stopping by. This is our newly re-born blog and we are so very excited about it. It has only taken us about 3 years to get here, but hey, who’s counting?? I thought we should start off by introducing who is most important to us- our boys Brooks & Bryce- justContinue Reading

Merry Christmas (Part II)

Merry Christmas (Part II)

We had so much fun with the boys this year making our Christmas cards, even though it was only one week before Christmas!! The boys had been sick for so long that we did it as soon as they were well enough. I mailed most of the cards out the day before Christmas eve, soContinue Reading

Georgia Aquarium Trip

Georgia Aquarium Trip

In celebration of the boys’ birthdays at the end of August, Grammy treated us all to a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. It was absolutely fabulous! The boys, mostly Bryce, were in awe of all the amazing fish and aquatic animals. It was so neat to see their excitement and reaction to everything. It’s soContinue Reading

One Month Ago… Our lives changed for the better

Wow. I can’t believe it has been one full month since our little bundle of joy arrived. It has been so crazy and so wonderful! Bryce is adjusting well thanks to Grammy Buoy who we were blessed to have for two whole weeks! I didn’t want her to leave That’s OK. She’ll be back tomorrow for aContinue Reading

Building and Growing – Building a Truck with Daddy

I love being a Dad. It’s so cool seeing Bryce grow up (already too fast it seems…). This past Saturday morning we went to Lowe’s for their monthly Build and Grow kid workshops. This month’s project was a cool red GMC Truck.  For every project you complete you get a new patch to sew onto your veryContinue Reading

Bryce + Boots + Rock & Roll Hair = Totally Hilarious

We had some real fun with Bryce one night! He likes to do his hair like mommy and he frequently wants me to put hairspray in his hair. Well, one evening we got a little carried away. He absolutely loved it and thought he looked hilarious. He kept laughing at himself in the mirror HeContinue Reading

Buoy Family Vacation :: St George Island

Last week we took a very much needed vacation with the whole Buoy clan up on St George Island off the Florida panhandle near Apalachicola. It is SO beautiful and peaceful there. It is still relatively undeveloped. We were in St George Plantation in a house that was fabulous! There are no houses directly onContinue Reading

Mike + Ann + Bryce :: The Family Portrait

A few months ago Mike, Bryce and I met up with our buddy Joe of Joe Daylor Photography for a family portrait session. We went up to Crane’s Roost/ Uptown Altamonte to hang out for a bit and see if we could actually get an image of all of us looking at the camera! ForContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Bryce in the Hospital: Man What a Week

Hi Everyone,Just wanted to post a quick update. Bryce has been really sick this week. He’s been battling a cold for several weeks and has not been able to throw it. Right now he’s checked into the hospital with very emotionally and physically drained parents. Tuesday late afternoon Bryce had a febrile seizure brought onContinue Reading

Bryce's 1st Birthday Party

OK… confession time. Bryce is not 1 year old. That’s right. This adorable kid turned one 2 months ago (August 27th) and we’re just now posting the images for everyone…. but… it was worth the wait (at least we think so). One year old… and looking all grown up: Nothing quite like a crowd toContinue Reading